Welcome to JR Dietetics!

Welcome to the new website for JR Dietetics Amsterdam! A unique and effective team combining both nutrition advice and the support of a psychologist to help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle habits.

RitaRita Bonfá is an experienced psychologist with great intuition and insight. She is specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and has had several years of experience working with every form of disordered eating, including binge eating, anorexia, bulimia and emotional eating as well as other areas of psychology. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish fluently and has also worked closely with Jennifer and Jasmin at Ready for Change. She is originally from Italy and studied clinical psychology at University of Padua. She’s worked in Venice at a clinic for obesity and in Barcelona treating all eating disorders in Barcelona and the last year at Readyforchange in Holland.

Rita has been working with Jasmin Ghorbanian, a bright and passionate dietitian. Her goal is to help you discover a healthy relationship with food by teaching you practical and evidence-based strategies. You can learn to let go of the obsession by fuelling your body well and consistently, while identifying the thinking patterns and emotional needs that drive you to overeat or restrict. Jasmin is determined to help clients experience freedom in their eating habits and relationship with food and teach an “intuitive eating” approach to help clients reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction as well as providing support for general health and weight management. One-on-one sessions are possible if you decide to start a treatment at JRDietetics!

‘Shifting the way we think and feel about our body and food’

If diets really work, why are you still searching? Let us show you how it feels to achieve your goals without dieting and restricting. It's time to stop blaming yourself for the failed diets, abandoned exercise plans, and weight fluctuations. No more calorie counting and no off-limits foods!

For more information please contact Rita or Jasmin.