A Unique Approach - The Mountain

Picture yourself as a hiker at the base of an extraordinary mountain. This mountain symbolizes a journey to better physical and emotional health. This process may be challenging, but given the right tools and skills, it can be full of fun, adventure and great scenery along the way.

Now…picture yourself at the top…what do you see from there? What would like to accomplish?

Many “dieters” might find they have a rather narrow focus… “I’d love to get to X kilograms, I have to fit into that bikini, or I need to lower my cholesterol”. Because they are so focused on a narrow goal, they tend to forget there is a broad horizon at the peak and can fail to see the big picture. They might feel so desperate to reach their goals and look for maps that promise the quickest way up that cliff no matter what the cost. As they examine the map, they find it is far less of a guide and much more a set of strict rules dictating each and every step of the way. These sojourners may be so consumed with calorie-counting, they lose sight of other very important factors that make their situations unique. They forget these are behaviors that need to last a life time. They soon grow tired, feel restricted and lose their balance. Believing they’ve failed, they head back to the base to start again from the beginning.

Others take a different approach. These people might envision the top of the mountain and think bigger, broader and more exciting.

These hikers might see their goal as something more like… “I’d like to finally feel good in my skin and learn to accept my body on a whole new level”. “I’d love to have balance and peace in my relationship with food and have my body feel balanced and peaceful as a result!” “I’d love to be able to think neutrally about food; to eat guilt-free, when I’m hungry and stop naturally when I’m full.” “I would like to be able to have a pack of cookies in my house without feeling the need to eat the whole thing at once!” “I would like to enjoy parties and social events without stressing about the treats on the table”

These types of climbers look at the mountain ahead from a different light…They first take the time to examine the tools they have, the paths they might want to try, and the people they may want to take along the way.

They might ask themselves: “What am I ready for?” “What would I like to experience on this journey?” “What is safe for me to explore at this time and what boundaries might I create to keep myself safe without hindering my freedom in this process…?” “What tools and practice should I get before going places and doing things that can still be a bit tricky for me?”

They see, along with 95% of failed dieters that strict rules with food simply don’t work! Instead, they create their own patterns and boundaries through their personal experience and with the help of support. They might refer to a compass to guide and remind them where to go when they feel lost. They certainly take into account their nutritional needs when they make food choices, but also don’t forget about other important factors.

“What is my body telling me right now? Am I hungry? Am I full?” “What foods do I enjoy and what is practical and realistic given my lifestyle and schedule?” “Are my food choices being driven by my emotions? If so, how can I address my emotional needs, without abusing food?”

“After all”, this hiker tell themselves “this joy is in the journey. I’m ready to stop dieting, restricting, obsessing, and binging. I’m ready to start living…